If your computers are slowing or sluggish, there’s a good chance you have a virus or other malware attached to your systems. Our advanced IT engineers can assess their health and drastically improve performance by removing hidden bugs. Even better, we can install affordable network security measures to ensure your business continues to run smoothly—and virus free—going forward.

What’s Wrong with my computer?

There are a variety of threats that can affect your system.  Each one does something a little bit different, and our services can make sure that every one of them stays off your machine.


A true computer virus is actually quite rare.  These are the devastating programs that infect your computer and literally delete or corrupt files.  Our antivirus program will block these buggers from infecting you.


The most common bug on your computer is malware.  Generally these are small programs that install and run in the background.  They often are data harvesters and while they won’t hurt your computer, they slow it down a lot!


Similar to data harvesters, spyware will literally watch what you do online.  That means everything from chatting with your aunt, to learning your password information for your bank account.


A Trojan is disguised as a legitimate program, but sneaks in.  Downloads from torrent sites or other shady places are loaded with them.


Ransomware is a newer species.  This virus or bug will lock down your computer until you pay a ransom (usually via bitcoin), to the virus creator.  Your best bet: have a backup and wipe the thing clean, or have network security in place that can block these bugs from infecting your computer.

Here at NextX our goal is to make sure that your computer is safe and secure. We offer top-of-the-line network security from our offices in Billings, MT to businesses across the state and across the country.