What tech challenges does your business face?

When you have the right technology partners, those challenges can become a thing of the past. That is where NextX comes into play – your tech challenges become our personal challenge. Using years of training and expertise we have developed the IT solutions necessary to help you with everything from network security and virus detection to communications software and system repair.

During our first meeting, we will sit down and listen carefully. As you explain your goals, we will help develop solutions. As you lay out the obstacles, we will help create a plan of attack to overcome them. Together we will uncover all of your pain points, and truly understand your unique business goals. Gaining understanding of your business goals allows us to design a technology solution that will meet your needs head on!

The IT solutions we offer are based on experience in the field, expertise with the latest technologies, and strategic insight into how these integrate with your business. When we create a solution, it’s based on a proven track record of what works.

We offer reliable, first-class technology solutions for your business from our home offices in Billings, MT.  Whether you are struggling with antivirus issues, need help networking your infrastructure, or simply want computer IT but can’t afford to have one on staff; we are your solution to business technology needs.