Do you understand what phishing is and how it impacts your business? Phishing attacks against business owners and their employees are on the rise – particularly with the increased use of mobile devices and smartphones in the workplace.

While smartphones have enabled a more interconnected and mobile workforce with an increase of real-time data that is readily used in our businesses, it has also increased the availability of this data to attacks by those who may not have the best interests of your business in mind.

If you use technology in your business, it is important to be as cautious about what you view or send on your phone. If an email alert or text message claims to come from a particular brand, rather than clicking on the link or replying it may be wiser to go to the actual website of the business.

Good cybersecurity has many benefits for your business. Several of them are protecting your customer’s and supplier’s data, increasing your customer’s confidence in your business, and building your business reputation. 

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